Top Health Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

Fresh organic vegetables over green background. Healthy diet.

In our world today of chronic illness and pharmacopeia we often look for top health and medical benefits from a pill. Finally, however, we’re starting to take a turn away from seeking out the BID, QID, TID, etc. options in favor of a more wholesome approach.

We’re looking to nutrition for the answers we need to proactively find those top health benefits rather than reactively trying to cure bodies riddled with chronic lifestyle illnesses.

AGE’s [Advanced Glycation End-Products]

There are two types of Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGE’s).

Your body creates Endogenous AGE’s naturally. Dietary AGE’s form through a browning reaction achieved during cooking. Our modern diets consist largely of heated and processed foods. Plant based diets encourage eating raw more often. Moreover, the foods you would tend to eat raw are usually the ones lower in dietary AGE’s to begin with.

Whole-Food Plant-Based Diets encourage the consumption of foods as close to their natural state as possible. This doesn’t preclude meat all-together, but many of these diets do encourage crowding meat out of the diet with plant based options.

One major reason is that meats tend to be higher in AGE’s than do vegetables. Moreover, the “whole-food” part of the WFPB allows for any food which is whole, but discourages processed foods like those snack cakes even vegans can enjoy. The problem is that processed foods are much higher in AGE’s than any whole food; meat or plant based.

Crowd Out

The Vegan and Vegetarian diets, like all diets, are marked by what they exclude. In this case we’re talking about most meat products- or all for vegans. Unfortunately, there are many processed food items marked with that Vegan or Vegetarian stamp signaling animal free products. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.

Pepsi is free of animal and animal by-products making it Vegan safe.
Vegan and Vegetarian diets don’t necessarily preclude the use of added sugars, preservatives, and other additives which may or may not be healthy for your body.   However, if you are considering a Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyle for health conscious reasons, soda is absolute NO for including in your consumption!

However, by sticking with a Whole-Food Plant-Based approach in every nutritional lifestyle, you spend more time focusing on all of the healthy foods you can eat by packing your diet full of them.

This essentially crowds out all of the bad foods you’re supposed to avoid like added sugars and preservatives while also leaving the option for you to enjoy them from time to time. The best part is that when done right, crowd-out naturally evolves our eating pattern.

Better overall eating habits.

Don’t lie. There’s no need to be ashamed. Some of us have a hard time with moderation. We like what we like, but some of us just have a hard time enjoying our favorite foods in smaller doses. WFPB nutritional patterns don’t outline what you can’t eat. Instead, they focus on what you can eat.

The best news is that WFPB diets don’t necessarily preclude meat and animal by-products. This is awesome news for those of you who love chocolate cake because you’ll never be told that you must give up eggs or butter.

Instead, encourage your body by feeding it a healthy and nutritious plant based meal rich in whole food options. Always start with the healthier foods before you have your chocolate cake.  The best part is that once you start down this path, your body will start to change what it wants.

Maybe you’ll develop a taste for something like pineapple upside down cake instead, or strawberry and kale salad. As time passes and you choose healthier foods over processed foods more and more often, your body will start to change naturally into a healthier version. The more progress you make, the more you’ll find encouragement.

In all, WFPB eating patterns create a positive loop of better options followed by better choices followed by healthier bodies.