My life choices are linked to my passion.

Passionate exploits are the ones I enjoy the most. I love taking part in things that bring me true satisfaction. As a result, my choices in life are tied directly to things I am zealous about. That is the path towards living a full life.

My job brings me a lot of fulfillment and personal satisfaction. Even though it is labor, I am devoted to doing it because I get pleasure from it. My work is also meaningful. When I see the positive impact my work has on others, I am thrilled. The well-being of others is worth my efforts.

The people I socialize with share interests similar to mine. Our relationships are meaningful because we complement each other on many levels.

I choose hobbies that I am able to spend hours on without getting bored. It is easy to focus on writing poetry for a long time. It gets me to express my innermost feelings about the things that matter most to me.

It is easy to make tough decisions in life based on what I am most fervent about. The happiness of my family is a priority, so I decide based on their well-being.

Today, I choose to live according to the things that drive my heart and soul. I realize that I am more at peace when I take that route. My commitment lies in making each moment of my life count.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I know when I have lost the passion for something I used to enjoy?
2. What are some of the things that drive my passion in life?
3. How do I handle it when my passionate exploit brings less than favorable results?