I create excitement in my life by discovering new ways of handling routine tasks.

Doing things a little differently makes even common, every day tasks more fun and exciting.

I have a set routine of tasks I need to accomplish every day. I keep things interesting by doing them in different ways. My daily life stays fresh and exciting because I am creative and shake things up a bit each day.

As a result, my day is more productive because I remain interested and energetic about my every day activities.

I never get bored doing the same tasks because I use my creativity to do them differently every time. This challenges my mind to come up with fun ways of doing them and keeps me energetic and excited about lackluster chores.

Doing things in a different order or challenging myself by performing tasks alphabetically are some of the ways I make routine activities more fun. Adding music to my day always keeps the level of excitement and energy high!

I have many tools available to me to make routine tasks exciting.

Today I will look for new ways of accomplishing my routine tasks. I will create excitement and challenge myself. In doing so, I am adding fun to my day, which helps me be more productive.

When I keep myself interested and excited every day, I can accomplish far more in life because of my increased energy and passion.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What routine task can I do differently?
2. What can I try that will make my every day routine more exciting?
3. How does my excitement energize me?