Having less pushes me to work harder.

Each day provides a chance for me to do something great with my life. I am motivated to excel by my desire to attain more.

When I set goals, I remind myself of what I intend for them to help me attain. Each target is aimed at moving me from one level to the next. I know that I am able to shine brighter through hard work and dedication.

When my financial situation is less than ideal, I work towards strengthening it each day. I sacrifice my short term desires in favor of long term dreams and projects.

Being around friends who are well off shows me the steps I must take to achieve my own success. Seeing myself as less secure than others pushes me to go after my aspirations.

Although I take pride in my work, I yearn for more responsibility and accountability. Those things come from proving myself worthy of promotions.

Stepping up the corporate ladder means paying my dues at the bottom. I work silently and with resolve. I stay away from complaining because I am far away from my ultimate goal. Each grateful day leads to fulfillment and determination to keep going.

Today, the extent of my effort lies in my focus on achieving my goals. I am committed to working diligently and receiving due rewards. My persistent endeavors in life are geared towards propelling myself to higher heights.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the difference between being motivated and being greedy for more?
2. What activities do I undertake to make myself more marketable in the workplace?
3. How do I rebuild my resolve when I become exhausted from hard work?