Eating at Your Favorite Restaurant On a WFPB Diet

Eating at Your Favorite Restaurant On a WFPB Diet.

Bernie Sanders recently tweeted: “Getting an education isn’t a crime.”
Well, neither is eating at your favorite restaurant, or adhering to a Whole-Food Plant-Based (WFPB) diet. Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t pay your bill and tip your server before you leave, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice date night or ladies brunch for the sake of your nutritional lifestyle- Nor should you have to sacrifice your diet for the opportunity to enjoy, not just eat at, but enjoy your favorite restaurant.

First, let’s talk about the word diet. See, most of the time when we see this word we think of the restrictive set of rules we follow in our eating regimes to which we adhere in the name of achieving some sort of physical goal. However, your diet is your nutritional lifestyle. Your nutritional lifestyle is your diet.

Nutritional LifeStyle?

If you’re adhering to a nutritional lifestyle that focuses on a WFPB regime, then the WFPB diet concept is part of your nutritional lifestyle. This is only helpful if your diet, in whichever context applies to you, is sustainable over the long-term.

That being said, do you really want to give up your favorite restaurant for the foreseeable future?

While most of us want to gain or lose weight, strengthen or lean out our bodies, or generally get into shape, the majority also aren’t willing to give up our favorite restaurants be they the Chik-fil-a in the shopping center down the road, the Taco Bell on the corner, the Acambaro in the next town over, or the mom and pop Italian place where you drive 30 miles once a week to eat.

That’s okay because you don’t have to give that up. Eating out at your favorite restaurant on a WFPB diet should be relatively simple, but will not come without some measure of sacrifice. Maybe you’ll have to forgo the Sopapilla or Lava Cake at the end, but this is doable.

Take the First Step

For one thing, you’re more familiar than the rest of us with the menu of your favorite restaurant. You know what sides they have on offer, if their dinners and lunches come numbered, and what menu items you like more than others.

Maybe there’s a menu item that you’ve never tried because it’s got that Vegan symbol next to it. Maybe your favorite restaurant is that south of the border bell place and you don’t see a WFPB diet option available in bold letters. That’s fine. Just do some digging and get creative if you have to. Ask for one of their bowls, but leave off the processed meat and cheese.

Try that vegan option at your favorite Italian restaurant. After all, you love everything else on the menu or it wouldn’t be your favorite restaurant. What makes you think you won’t enjoy the one thing you haven’t yet tried?

If your favorite spot offers a fish option, dive in- unless it’s Tilapia. Avoid tilapia if at all possible. But, Salmon, Haddock, Cod, and Shark are all acceptable WFPB diet options. These aren’t vegan, but who said that a WFPB diet had to be strictly meat and fish free?

Some restaurants, maybe your favorite one, offer a choice of soup or salad with your meal. Double up on the salad, and minimize your cooked entrée.

This may or may not be cheaper, but don’t stiff your server either way. If you can, order the salad and wait until you’re finished with it to order your main course. Then look for their Ceasar or try for an Ala Carte option from their sides menu. If you’re including meat rather than excluding it, personalize your order with a grilled chicken breast.

No matter how you decide to personalize your future experiences with your WFPB diet and eating out, remember to always tip your servers at least 20% for a job basically done: More for a job well done.