CBD For Dogs

CBD For Dogs

When you have a furry friend, you want to make sure that you are giving your pet the absolute best solution possible for his/her ailments. You may have heard about CBD oil as a treatment for various issues that humans face, but did you know that there is some information coming out about how it might also be useful for dogs.

Before you go buy CBD oil for your dog, you should be fully aware of the benefits, risks, and unknown factors involved in the decision. Read on to discover everything you need to know about CBD oil for your dog.

CBD Oil and Your Dog

There is no research out right now that is specific to how CBD oil might affect your dog. However, the science that has been done so far shows that there is a chance that CBD can help regulate balance within the body of any mammal with a central nervous system.

What Health Problems Does it Treat?

Again, there has not been any specific research done on dogs in regards to how CBD oil might fix certain ailments. However, there is a lot of information out that comes from pet owners using CBD with their dogs. The results are pretty similar to how the human responds to CBD oil treatment.

Most dog owners say that there is definite benefit to using CBD oil to treat chronic pain in your dog. If you dog has arthritis, for example, he/she may benefit from the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD oil. There may also be some information regarding how CBD oil is able to help control seizures in dogs who suffer from certain issues.

Some vets also suggest that dogs who are prone to anxious tendencies such as separation anxiety or anxiety because of weather might benefit from CBD oil treatment. This might also help with dogs who need to have their appetite stimulated in some way.


Again, all of the information for potential issues, benefits, and other information regarding CBD oil and dogs is coming from anecdotes from pet owners. However, there are plenty of anecdotes to see certain patterns from taking these supplements.

Some dogs will experience a decrease in the production of the saliva in the mouth. This could result in an increased desire to drink water, but it could also cause a bit of dehydration. You might also notice drowsiness in certain dogs.

For any dog, it is important to follow dosage instructions. Usually, if you follow the correct dosage for your dog, then you will not see any major negative side effects from CBD oil usage within your dog.

Talk to Your Vet

It is always a good idea to talk to your veterinarian. After all, you pay them to take care of your pet, so you should trust their opinion when it comes to alternative treatment. Your vet likely has come across the notion of using CBD for various types of treatments in your dog.

Likely, your vet has also formed an informed opinion and can help you navigate through any concerns, questions, or other needs that you might have regarding CBD oil and your dog.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is not going to cure your dog of all of the ailments that he/she has ever suffered from. However, it can do a great deal in the direction of helping your dog to feel better significantly from certain ailments. CBD oil has great potential.

As the FDA moves forward with various research and data collection surrounding the drug, we will learn a lot more about the potential benefits and risks in dogs and humans alike.