Awaken to Who You Really Are




This Book is About You!

        It is about your search for Truth and your reason for being. We all have personal challenges in our lives. As a nation and a world, we are facing unprecedented times. Only the fire of God can resolve these issues.

        And that Fire is within YOU!

Very Few Live   to Their   Fullest Potential!

        The Divine spark within you is your potential to realize and become the Christ, which is your true identity as a son or daughter of God. It matters not what term you use or what spiritual path you may follow, if any. It is time to step into a larger dimension of yourself and bring forth that part of you that was made in the image and likeness of God, I AM—that part that is uniquely you, has a specific purpose and is powerful beyond measure.

 We Are Amid a Great Awakening!

        It began with the incarnation of Jesus, the living embodiment of Christ the Son of God.  He came to earth to re-awaken us to who we really are—sons and daughters of God who are also meant to do the same. He invited us to follow in his footsteps, not as a puppy follows his master, but to become as he is. He told us that the kingdom of heaven is within us and that we could do even greater things than he did.


        How Have We Missed this Message?

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  • Your ultimate purpose, which is to permanently reunite with God—the Mighty I AM Presence—in the ritual of the ascension at the end of this life.

  • Practical exercises for spiritually connecting, transmuting karma and meditating.

  • The 3 Primary Universal Laws.

  • Spiritual perspectives on cultural issues we face today.

  • How to commune with masters and angels.

  • Understanding negative forces and how to protect yourself.

It’s Time to Awaken to Who You Really Are!

         Live in the Joy and Happiness of God’s kingdom, and at the same time behold the failures of the human condition with resolve and vision to bring them into alignment with God’s will.

       In Other Words, Be a Christ Unto the World!

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